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Process Optimization

In many businesses existing processes have developed over years. Often, they started out lean and concise, optimally designed for the specific need.

However, over time businesses change and so those established processes undergo a silent and steady change which does not always happen for the better: Growing complexity and changing requirements result in incremental additions to existing processes and eventually the overall efficiency is far from the level that was originally intended. Prudent managers therefore start regular process optimization initiatives in order to maintain effectiveness and efficiency.

Sometimes a planned improvement in the production process, e.g. automating a step that had been done manually before, can even lead to significant extra costs for downtime, change over or damaged product if not carefully designed and properly implemented. In those cases, we offer analytical troubleshooting support in order to achieve the desired results.

Identify business needs and develop KPIs

Measure the actual vs target state

Deduce and agree on appropriate actions

Conduct pilot to test planned actions

On successful testing start implementing at scale

At TWC we specialize in optimizing production-related processes within the life-science industry:

  • Purchasing (APIs, excipients and packaging material)
  • Material inbound including sampling and IQA
  • Weighing / Dispensing
  • Compounding / bulk preparation
  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Order picking and shipping
  • Warehousing, material staging and overall material flow

Furthermore, we also offer support in evaluating and improving other business process, for example in engineering, materials management / supply chain or Marketing. Simply call us and let us talk about how we can assist you.