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Strategy Consulting

Originating from the Greek word for military leader (strategos) the original meaning of strategy is the art of warfare. In business today the term describes the art of successfully leading an enterprise with a finite amount of resources in order to maximize its competitive edge.

In other words, strategy describes the approach to take a company or parts of it from a current to a higher level of value generation.

Strategies can be set for the entire enterprise, a certain business area (e.g. manufacturing) or a specific group in the company as long as chosen approach is aligned with the overall guiding (often corporate) strategy.

Whether the task is to develop an entirely new strategy, challenge or renew an existing one – our approach is to go through following actions step by step:

  • Vision and mission statement

    • Where do you and others see yourself in the future?
    • What are your purposes and values today?
  • Strategic imperatives / Business priorities

    • What do you want to focus your energy on?
    • Where do you want to spend your resources (time and budget)?
  • Analyze the current status (OTSW)

    • Where are you today and what are current trends in your business environment?
    • How does that affect your success?
  • Develop Critical Success Factors

    • What needs to happen in order to make your business successful?
  • Define tactics

    • What initiatives will help you achieve your strategic goals?
  • Execution Strategy / Portfolio Management

    • What projects and programs will provide you the best return for your invested resources?

We provide expertise and consulting services in many fields along the value chain, examples are:

  • Manufacturing strategy
    • Make-or-buy analyses
    • Product life-cycle considerations
  • Supply Chain strategy
    • Risk analyses
    • Production network analysis and optimization
  • Green” Strategy: What can you do to reduce the overall ecological footprint and how does that affect your business?
  • Amortization scenarios of investments, product launches, production strategies

Contact us to evaluate your tasks and to your hear more about what we can offer to support.